Populace Destructor

by Aggravator

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LinkusMaximus As a relatively new band, these guys execute thrash on a level more akin to some of our favorite veteran bands. The song compositions are mature, varied, and well timed. For me, the vocals are reminiscent of latter-era Carcass, which perfectly works for me. All in all, I'm glad to call these guys fellow San Antonians. Fuck yeah!
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Second release for Aggravator


released June 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Aggravator San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Born In Uniform
Formed into lines built to die
Equipping the mind there's a price
Soldiers march on through the blind
Forced to be honoring pride
Brave are born in uniform
Several numbers die in war
Pressing courage into form
Medals signify rewards
Encoding a soldier to be
Acknowledge the coming coming of fate
Faceless in light of defeat
No mercy of chance to escape
Control new order through the
actions of war
Create a system that abides by a law
Suppress the mind through the power
of hate
Convincing many someone else is to
Fatalities count rises tall
Efficienct productions replaced
Perish for one greater cause
A service for your God above
Track Name: Flesh Work
Weakened state unable to breathe
Trying to move will splinter your
Picked apart maniacal fashion
Impulse to murder raging on
Reaches the point of insanity
Contagious desire
Violence develops inside of the
As the flesh work begins
Circulations drawing tight
Removal of limbs with random
Many procedures keep you alive
Track Name: Social Unrest
Consume yourself with someone else
Sickens me with ignorance
Seems to be you forced yourself
To tolerate indifferences
Puppets choke you by their string
And cuts you to the quick
Suggest to mirror someone's lead
Becoming what is one
Social unrest
Just a fucking waste of time
Social unrest
Who really cares what's on your mind
Social unrest
Sit and type away your life
Social unrest
Current fads are catching eyes
Media controls disease
Waste of flesh waits to die
Generations weakening
Forgotten youth is all the same
Pointing fingers cannot hide
Society is all to blame
Progressions on decline
You know who you are do not lie to
yourself how could you possibly need
Your constant burden descends
poisoning the well your just a
number to a cause
Track Name: Fatalist
Born again
Holy man
Grace me with your confidence
Speak to me him raising hands
What does he tell you
To believe
Word of lies
Hold your tongue and redecide
Listen close to my advice
Faithfully trusting
Time is now running out
Time does not heal
Time has been taken away
Time is now running out
Time does not heal
Time is erased
With open minds
Miracles await inside
Close your eyes and realize
What he can show you
Speak to me
Holy dreams
Take my hands and welcome me
Free my mind to help me see
What life is supposed to be
Pre-determined destinations
Lifted away to become gone
Fatalist to the sky
When will we ever find your peace
To be taken far beyond
From material life
Track Name: Populace Destructor
Re-generating decline
Fires erupt
Constantly many die
The disease will increase
Repopulate, exterminate,mutiny
Bleeding the earth as she cries
Chemical infusions
Planetary demise
Reductions wasted resources collapse
Radiations effect
Catastrophic impact
Our mother
As she suffers
She hates us
Terminate us
And waste us
Mistreat her
Deplete her
As we need her
We caused this
As she watches
With her hatred
Track Name: Industrial Conflicts
Self destruct
Crippling to the knees
Taken away and never repaid
Any cost
Globally dominate
Our worlds selfish society suffocates
Industrial conflicts
A world waged in wars
Industrial conflicts
Insidious business and nature collide
Speaking secretly
A poisonous market decays
Parasitic demands
People so weak
Infused by networks in their hands
How can you sleep
Environments destroyed your pockets
Fucked industries
Masses enslaved
Stay hungry and weak
And die
Worked to death
In poverty
Margins increase
Smile on pass a country that weeps
Systematic disease
Supply and demand worthless
Your life
In your hand
Ideal human
Economic decline
Our knowledge discrete
Massive markets implode
Worldwide influx
Middle line sinks
Financial chaos evolves
Track Name: Unparalleled Cruelty
When flesh turns cold
Purity of death
Zip ties tight across your neck
Species so sick
Sensations surround your bare
To be born to a world so cold
Empathy governing self control
Chemical perfection
Destined to darkest desires
Monsters satisfied
Yield consequence to violent demands
Unparalleled cruelty
Impulsive control
Isolations warped fucked mind
Explosive release to physically kill
Pleasure and peace combined
Track Name: Isolated Despair
So beautiful
Hearts depressed by tempting flesh
All of the trust has dissolved
Every emotion conflicts
Isolated despair
Stimulate unburied hate
Sights so tasteless
Through shattered grey
Selfish needs
For all that breathes
All the attentions negativity
And time itself conforms
To what you are
Easily identified
Trust in no one
Faith does not exist
Fool yourselves only part of design
True disgust
Everyday breathing your life
Two hearts so sick
Formed a stagnant life
Naturally becoming undone
Can't relate
A distance from anyone
Track Name: Frozen Atrocites
Razor blades
Stab your fucking face
Shadows help me take your life away
Awaken my desires
Cutting your eyes from your face
Lacerate violently into frozen
Hatred consuming all my being
Watching the blood multiply
Sever many body parts
Treasuring the moment you die
Suffering pain is spiraling
Feeling yourself bleed to death
Tortured conscience magnifies
You scream when they start to touch
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